Welcome to the website of C.M.K. STEEL company. The company was founded in 2000 and focuses primarily on the production, supply and installation of steel structures. We are able to produce any design including the required surface finish.
With rich experience we are able to offer quality services in the production and installation of steel structures and buildings and indoor production of light and heavy weldments. In the production we pride ourselves primarily on the care and quality of work performed. Our main goal is to provide quality services and above all work with regard to customer requirements. Therefore, each implementation adapted to your needs. Our company owns a certificate of inspection on the implementation of the steel structures EN 1090-1 + A1: 2011. "Qualification Certificate", founded by the Czech Welding Institute approved quality manual. The company has mainly machines that are necessary for the production svařenců.Ve production limits, we do not put too much We are able to produce different shapes weldments. To the extent of our production capabilities include the manufacturing, fitting structures (stairs, railings, bridges). To ensure the purity of welded joints and because of preparation materials before the finish tryskání.V performed within the final completion of the production process, we perform according to customer requirements relevant finishes as paint and coating. Then there are of course other services that we expanded over time and that the we also deal with insulation and jacketing structural steel buildings. We also have additional services in terms of drafting Price, design and manufacturing documentation to the relevant inquiries.

1) Manufacture and assembly of heavy and light steel structures, general engineering, technological units and other areas, various smaller steel products taktéž.Naším motto is variability in production.

2) Production and installation of industrial, warehouse, retail and office buildings of steel construction, insulated and not insulated, including wall and roof cladding, windows, doors, doors, skylights and other subcontracting required to complete delivery.

3) Production (bridges, crane runways, platforms, bridges, pipelines, hoppers, containers, tanks).

4) Production locksmith structures primarily (, railings, stairs, ramps, ladders, etc.)

5) Implementation of bids and ensure project processing, including static calculations, ensuring price, production, documentation, protocols, quality, material certificates and all the elements needed to ensure all quality standards.

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